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Critically assess how extract from Machiavelli's Prince relates to the Essay

Basically survey how separate from Machiavelli's Prince identifies with the contemporary issues concerning globalization and the busi - Essay Example Efficient states and insightful rulers have consistently made careful arrangements not to make the nobles despair, and to fulfill the individuals and keep them content; this is one of the most significant assignments a sovereign must undertake.’1 Globalization is the term used to allude to the constant procedure by which various economies, social orders, societies and conventions connect with each other (Berberoglu, 2005). A worldwide partnership is an organization that has activities in more than one nation. Multinationals have for an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time been the significant operators of globalization. Worldwide business has been in presence since abroad exchange started (Toporowski, 2010). In the unique circumstance, the Prince in Machiavelli’s book can be likened with multinationals or organizations which have global tasks. In this time of quick globalization, there are numerous issues that worldwide organizations face as they attempt to fashion n ew ground in different pieces of the world (Berberoglu, 2005). ... He says that when one has the generosity of the individuals, he ought not have motivation to stress that he won't get their help and participation. In any case, he cautions that any individual who dares to a remote spot and neglects to pick up the people’s altruism, he will undoubtedly flop in whatever that he is doing. Machiavelli’s exhortation to the Prince can be utilized to take a gander at how global organizations today can flourish in new regions of tasks. The facts confirm that an organization can't simply choose to begin tasks in a specific place and proceed with it. There are hardly any things that the organization needs to satisfy before business can begin. A significant number of companies attempting to get things started in new markets have been not able to do as such because of the way that they don't have the generosity of the nations where they need to set up tasks (Choucri, 1991). There have been various universal bodies and associations that have been s et up to guarantee that worldwide dealings are commonly reasonable. The majority of these associations were shaped through bargains to guarantee that exchange between nations doesn't support one nation to the detriment of the other. The associations additionally manage how global companies work in outside nations so no gathering feels misled. The guidelines set out by these associations help global organizations to pick up acknowledgment in new locales or nations, as long as the organizations satisfy certain commitments (Toporowski, 2010). Two of these associations are talked about underneath. The World Trade Organization The World Trade Organization (WTO) is a global association that manages and controls the standards of exchange

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The Sunflower Essay free essay sample

Simon found him in Argentina. Adolf Eichmann was at preliminary and argued he was not blameworthy. After the preliminary Simon composed a book about Eichmann. Simon didn’t invest energy with his little girl since he was caught up with carrying Nazis to equity. So Simon gave his little girl his message, his accomplishment of carrying Eichmann to equity. Karl (the withering ss man) was a hackneyed catholic kid, however then he joined the Hitler youth. Karl needed to comply with the company chiefs. Karl was set for slaughter another blameless gathering of individuals, however Karl continued having streak backs of the consuming family occurrence. His hands started to tremble and afterward a shell detonated directly before him. Karl is in a Reserve Hospital in Lemberg (another name for the emergency clinic is the Technical High school). He was enclosed by wraps from head to toe and seemed to be like King Tut. Karl needed a Jew to admit to. We will compose a custom article test on The Sunflower Essay or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Simon Wiesenthal strolled in the room and was conversing with Karl. Karl needed to wash down himself, he was requesting absolution for all the wrongdoings he has done. Karl needed to converse with Simon since he figured he could excuse for different Jews. Simon just left the room. Karl’s father kicked the bucket in a plant, it was shelled and he died just his mom lives. Simon left the Hospital and continues thinking about the ss man’s wrongdoing and on the off chance that he ought to have a sunflower. A sunflower represented an association between the living and the dead. Karl isn’t deserving of compassion and now he thinks twice about it when passing on. Before Simon exits the room, Karl hauntingly relates his story in the sickening demise of a dad, mother, and a dim peered toward kid who were mercilessly shot down subsequent to leaping out of a consuming structure. Simon turns out to be very bothered with the pictures latched onto his subconscious mind. Simon recollects a multi year old kid named Eli, when Karl distinguished the youngster. Simon needs to leave the room however Karl continues relating the remainder of his story. Simon battles with the amusing predicament having the picture of the youngster with penetrating eyes that scrutinized the contempt of the world encompassing him. Simon left the ss man’s room in complete quietness. Simon came back to his lodge and told Josek (The Rabi) of what occurred in the Reserve Hospital. Josek was advising Simon to not pardon the ss man for different Jews yet he can for himself. The Dalai Lama was a strict pioneer. The Dali Lama was in a similar situation like the Holocaust. China attacked Tibet in 1949 through 1950 and mutiple. 2 million Tibetians, one fifth of the country’s populace. Dalai Lamma said this statement, â€Å"one ought to forgive†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ yet this doesn't really mean one ought to disregard the abominations submitted. This statement implies, pardon yet don’t overlook. Another statement was, â€Å"we could name the Chinese our adversaries and self †honestly censure them for their ruthlessness, that isn't the Buddhist way. This statement implies that detest and vengeance is an inappropriate choice. Desmond Tu is a South African strict pioneer. A Genocide like the Holocaust happened in South Africa to. Desmond Tu quote was, â€Å"But there are other people who state that they are not prepared to excuse showing that absolution isn't easy or modest. This statement implies that one essentially doesn't pardon after the frightfulness they persevered. This statement additionally reminds me when Karl approaches Simon absolution for him and different Jews. Another statement was, â€Å"without pardoning there is no future. This statement implies in the event that you don’t excuse, outrage and contempt will develop and turmoil will be all over. To summarize things in the Sunflower Karl needed to excuse Simon and all the Jews however he didn’t react to him. In the event that I were Simon I would pardon Karl just to cause him to feel somewhat better before death Then I again changed my conclusion, to organize where I figured I would excuse him, however just by words, not very my psyche. I changed my first sentiment as a result of Josek, in the story he said one can excuse another person just when the individual fouled up to him, not to the network.

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Ways to Improve your Memory

Ways to Improve your Memory 6 Ways to Improve your Memory Home›Education Posts›6 Ways to Improve your Memory Education PostsThe human brain is like a storage that keeps all memories. Our memory is an essential psychological process. But now more and more students find themselves losing their memory. Are you the one who forgets important information during the test or can’t remember where you left your keys? Do you remember all recent events? If you the one who experiences such things, don’t worry as there is no such thing as bad memory, and this means that you can easily improve it. There are a number of different things you can do in order to boost your memory. Therefore, in order to remember all necessary information,  offers 6 easy ways to improve your memory:Play brain games. Nowadays, there are a lot of brain games. Different puzzles and crosswords will help you to delay brain decline and improve your memory.Eat the right food. In order to keep your memory in a good state, it is recommendable to eat fruits and vegetables and drink green tea. Also any products with omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for you.Get more sleep. Losing a half of night’s sleep can erode your memory. Thus, nothing has a better effect on your memory than a good, long sleep.Get exercise. When you exercise your body, you exercise your brain. Physical exercises increase oxygen to your brain. Even a little physical activity brings big mental benefits.Laugh more. Truly, laughter is the best medicine, which is good for your brain. It engages many areas of our brain. Moreover, listening to jokes may activate brain areas that are vital for creativity and learning.Quit smoking. Few people know that smoking has a harmful effect not only on our health but on our memory. Stopping smoking will restore your memory to its original state and normal functioning.  Stick to these tips and you will never forget important things in your life!

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The Christian Reality - 1003 Words

The Christian reality consists of both a physical and a supernatural world. Men for a long time have been aware of these two realities and yet many times have only looked at just one or the other. The Greek philosophers have held opposing views on what is real. These philosophies are known as idealism or realism. Each hold to truths that are found in Christian beliefs, but also contain beliefs that are opposed to Christianity. Idealism holds to many ideas that can be accepted by Christians. One of these ideas is that there is a reality which cannot be discovered in the material world. According to the Christian faith this world is just a temporary existence that will pass away. The ultimate reality is that all men have a spiritual†¦show more content†¦Idealism has beliefs that contradict scripture. According idealism the universal truth exist inside of man, and he must use reason and logic to find them. This contradicts scripture because man is not able to obtain full truth on his own because all truth is from God. Man is separated from God because of man s sin nature so they are separated from the truth. According to Scripture the only way that man can come to the truth is through accepting the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Idealism is contradictory to Scripture in its view of matter. According to Idealism matter is just the shadow of an idea and that the idea is what is real. Scripture does not deny the reality of the material world. Scripture does say that Christian are living in a very real and material world. Jesus when he came to save humanity had to come to this material world and become an actual man to redeem the world. Jesus came to a material world to redeem all the creation. When man dies his soul is separated from his body, however when the rapture occurs the body is reunited with the spirit. This shows that God has created man with a dual spirit and body nature. God intends for man to exist within a material world and the coming worl d is a material world. Scripture constantly shows that the material world is a reality. While some parts of Idealism agree with Christian belief some do not, this is also true for Realism.

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Short Story and People - 1473 Words

Title: Story Of An Hour Author: Kate Chopin I. On The Elements / Literary Concepts The short story Story Of An Hour is all about the series of emotions that the protagonist, Mrs. Mallard showed to the readers. With the kind of plot of this short story, it actually refers to the moments that Mrs. Mallard knew that all this time, her husband was alive. For the symbol, I like the title of this short story because it actually symbolizes the time where Mrs. Mallard died with joy. And with that moment, it surely is considered a story of an hour. II. On The Meaning Life is short. That s why we have to cherish every moment from our life. We don t know when will we leave this world, that’s why we should enjoy life everyday to the†¦show more content†¦Title: The Boarding House Author: James Joyce I. On The Elements / Literary Concepts Irony can found in the plot of the short story. Also. The readers can tell how selfish the mother and daughter were to the people whom they will control, and eventually manipulate. The theme of controlling other people for you just to get what you want. II. On The Meaning Being manipulative isn t a good thing to different people. If you control other people s lives, it is like you re becoming selfish to the person you controlled the life. The realization of the characters can be described that all of us have or will have the realization on every scenario that will come into our own lives. Title: A Clean-Well Lighted Place Author: Ernest Hemingway I. On The Elements / Literary Concepts Different symbolism were displayed in this short story of Ernest Hemingway. The Old Waiter symbolizes the people who faces or having problems into their lives. The Young Waiter, however, symbolizes hope and care-free type of person. Also, the setting of this short story played a big factor for the readers to understand where the feelings of the characters were coming from. II. On The Meaning A lot of us are facing a sad fact into our life. However, we just choose to sit down and think of ways on how will we be able to surpass the problem. We all have this favorite place of our that we always feel like we are home, evenShow MoreRelatedShort Story : Ordinary People 1524 Words   |  7 PagesOrdinary People The Jarrett family is having difficulty connecting with one another after the tragic death of their oldest son, Buck. Both Buck and his younger brother Conrad were sailing a small boat when the weather drastically began to change, the boat capsized leaving the boys clinging to the boat in ruff water. Buck yelled to his brother to hang on and don’t let go as the clasped hands across the bottom of the capsized boat, soon after, Buck’s hand slipped from Conrad’s and Buck slippedRead MoreWhat If People Could Teleport : A Short Story721 Words   |  3 PagesWhat If people could teleport Hey Frank are you ok. sad Anny. Ya Im ok but I feel like leaving this place. said Frank. I don’t want you to leave. Alex and I are here for you. said Anny. Things are getting worse now that they invented those suits. said Frank. People of the United States we are trying to put a stop to the criminals and murderers in Afghanistan. said the president. Sir do you think the leader of those groups will attack the white house like he said he would. said oneRead MorePeople Often Say That Short Stories Are Incomplete, Completely1020 Words   |  5 PagesPeople often say that short stories are incomplete, completely vague and leave the reader wondering. So if the author gives the reader an incomplete ending, will the reader ever know what truly happened to the characters? Most likely the answer is no. The reader never finds out what the author`s intended ending will be. Writers like to leave the reader wondering. It s a part of what makes the story more interesting and fun. The authors themselves leave the reader to imagine what might happen nextRead MoreWhen Reading Short Stories People Are Always Able To Find1042 Words   |  5 PagesWhen reading short stories people are always able to find some character they can relate to in one way or another. â€Å"Everyday Use†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ is no exception. The relationship between Maggie, Dee, and their mother is expressed throughout the story. In the short story â€Å"Everyd ay Use† by Alice Walker, Dee is a materialistic girl who believes she is exceptionally better than everyone around her. Maggie and her mother live out in the country in a three room house with a tin roof. Dee is Maggie’s sister that hasRead MoreThe Paradox of Nothing within Flannery O’Connor’s Short Story, Good Country People578 Words   |  2 PagesWithin Flannery O’Connor’s â€Å"Good Country People†, one would find many paradigms of imitations and foolishness and none of the â€Å"good country† personalities the title so tries to imply and uphold. This short story encompasses the lives of these false characters, each tried and fated within the hardship named life, but no retribution so necessary than Hulga’s. Her flamboyant distress of distinction and judgment alters her state of belief and turns it into an ironic form of Nihilism, or faith in nothingRead MoreShirley Jacksons short story The Lottery is a tale basically about a small town and the people who600 Words   |  3 Pages Shirley Jacksons short story The Lottery is a tale basicall y about a small town and the people who lived there had to participate in the yearly lottery. This yearly lottery were not like normal lotteries, no one did not want to win. At the beginning of the story it did not say what type of prize you will win, but they did reveal the prize at the end. Each year the families gathers together and they are required to draw a paper from a black box. The family who wins the winning paper has to putRead MoreAnalysis Of Dont You Hate Having Two He Essay examples885 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Analysis of †Don’t you hate having two heads† The short story genre is characterized with a short length, few people and a short story line. Short stories often begins in media res. Short stories are fiction and has a composition. This novel is a crime story because it contains a murder. This short story is not a typical kind of crime story because the reader doesn’t know there’s the murder until the end. Christine Pauls’ short story Don’t you hate having two heads is about Richard and hisRead MoreMark Twain s The Celebrated Frog Of Calaveras County1543 Words   |  7 Pages The purpose of this essay is to help explore the history of Mark Twain’s short story â€Å"The Celebrated Frog of Calaveras County†, and how this short story was affected by the current events going on during the late 1800’s, Mark Twain uses of the surrounding around him to help both inspire and craft that into his stories, and lastly how Mark Twain studies and understanding of literary techniques to help form The Celebrated Frog. This essay will look into three different articles thatRead MoreSusan Glaspell s A Jury Of Her Peers Essay982 Words   |  4 Pagesto the short story â€Å"A Jury of Her Peers† in 1917. The story was rediscovered in the early 1970s, since then it has been reprinted into textbooks and anthologies. It is said that while Glaspell was working as a reporter she was inspired to write â€Å"Trifles† and â€Å"A Jury of Her Peers.† The stories are inspired by a real murder case she was covering. The short story and play has subtle differences that allow readers to get different perspectives with the same story in different formats. Many people believeRead MoreAnalysis Of Kate Chopin s The Story Of An Hour955 Words   |  4 Pagesthe Short Story Form: Kate Chopin’s ‘The Story of an Hour† While Scott D. Emmert in Naturalism and the Short Story Form: Kate Chopin’s ‘The Story of an Hour’ points out the short stories cannot form a narrative because of their length and others would disagree. Admittedly, even though according to Scott short stories cannot form a narrative they are perfect for naturalist writers because short stories and poems tend to focus more on natural surroundings and the nature characters. Short stories are

Direct Foreign Investment in Bangladesh Free Essays

â€Å"Direct Foreign Investment in Bangladesh- Challenges and Prospect† Introduction: This is era of globalization, here all of the country are linked together. Thereby we get different opportunity to be benefited from beyond the country. DFI (direct Foreign investment) is one of them. We will write a custom essay sample on Direct Foreign Investment in Bangladesh or any similar topic only for you Order Now It is a very important issue for toddy’s government, business people and concerned community of the world. Bangladesh is not far from it . Like any other developing country, the economic development of Bangladesh is also significantly depend on foreign direct investment. Bangladesh government and business community of Bangladesh is concerned enough to attract increasing number of DFI in Bangladesh. To draw the attention of foreign investor and make them interested to do invest in Bangladesh, government take lot of initiatives, like branding the Bangladesh, giving incentives on DFI, improving the infrastructure etc. However, this is fact too that, still we have some challenges and difficulties to get satisfactory amount of direct foreign investment. In this report, we are covering the most lucrative industry in Bangladesh. It is the garment industry of Bangladesh, which has been the key division and main sources of foreign currency of Bangladesh for a very long time. Objective of the study: Primary Objective †¢To know the DFI situation in Bangladesh and its future. Secondary objective †¢To Know the Factors affecting DFI in Bangladesh †¢To evaluate the Garment industry in Bangladesh from the perspective of current DFI situation in Bangladesh, Government incentives, socio-political situation and other financial facilities, entry-exit barriers etc. †¢To know the challenges currently faced by the existing foreign investors in the industry. In addition, to give our opinion about the feasibility of the industry to attract DFI in Bangladesh. Methodology: To make this term paper we mainly give emphasize on secondary sources of data. We go through different organization’s website like, Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh Board of Investment etc to collect the necessary information. Moreover, we take some knowledge from daily newspaper and television talk shows. Apart from these, we use our textbook and class lecture as a secondary source of information. http://www. orion-group. net/career. php http://banglar-jobs. blogspot. com/2010/10/ministry-of-health-and-family-welfare. html Related article: Padma Bridge How to cite Direct Foreign Investment in Bangladesh, Essay examples

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People are too dependent on computers

Introduction A computer has become a very important device in modern days. Usage of computers has generally been increasing since invention of the device back in the nineteenth century. This has resulted from the possibility to modify the device so that it suits different situations and thus ends up performing most of the jobs that were initially performed by people.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on People are too dependent on computers specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Flexibility in the use of the device has lead to integration of computers in nearly all fields in which human beings have been involved. Usage of computers ranges from performing simple tasks such as arithmetic operations to complex logical tasks like analyzing data. Recently, Artificial Intelligence has been incorporated by companies to enable them make valid decisions (Kizza 2011). This is beneficial in that decisions and recommendation s made by a computer are more reliable and accurate, and therefore the companies’ policies are likely to improve. The ever decreasing prices in computers have made them more affordable to many people. More varieties of computers have come up. These range from simple hand-held mobile communication devices to serves and super computers that are mainly used in large companies. The decrease in price and ready availability of the computers in the market has made many individuals, companies, organizations and other institutions integrate them in their operations. Dependency on computers has therefore gone up, whether an individual is directly working with the machine, or he/she depends on services provided through a computer. Computers play a central role in the modern world, as outlined in the following sectors: Communication Computers have played a very integral part in communication sector. As tools for communication, they have been employed in so many fields such that it is s eemingly impossible for communication to take place without them. They play a central role which cannot be overlooked in communication. People have become so dependent on them such that any little failure affects the whole communication system. Telecommunication companies use super computers called serves that provide a link of communication between different client computers. All voice calls have to go through these serves so as to reach the other person at the receiving end.Advertising Looking for critical writing on computer science? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In addition to providing voice call services, the telecommunication companies also provide internet access to companies and institutions such as colleges and banks. The companies charge a subscription fee for the service on monthly or yearly basis. These servers also act as message centers for transmitting messages between different client units. Like any other m an made machine, these servers are subject to occasional breakdowns (Rosenberg 2004). The duration taken to restore the machine varies depending on the cause of the breakdown, expertise of the repairing engineer and the resources needed to restore the machine. It may therefore, take as short time as a few seconds to rectify the fault, and as long as several hours or even days. Breakdowns of these machines imply a stoppage in the delivery of services to clients. This alters the operation of companies that do not have alternative providers of the essential communication service. Companies whose operations entirely rely on communication networks such as banks end up in not functioning. For instance, customer transactions cannot be processed, which implies that the customers are not able to withdraw or make deposits in the institution. Breakdown of these servers also hinders communication between different individuals, and this may lead to misunderstandings. Business people, for instanc e, are not able to reach their customers and vice versa, which can adversely affect the business. Other services that rely on availability of communication network such as money transfer services are also hindered. Despite the risk that these breakdowns pose in daily lives, many companies have automated their operations. These calls for services of telecommunication companies, and therefore they end up in awkward situations when there is a breakdown. Apart from communication network, computers must be supplied with power in order for them to function. Whenever there is lack of power supply, companies, individuals and organizations that entirely depend on computers for their operations are forced to virtually close down. This results from the fact that all operations can only take place through the computer.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on People are too dependent on computers specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More If the company does not have an alternative source of power, its operations forcefully come to a halt. Customers served by this company end up in inconveniencies and unnecessary delays. Essential services provided in pharmacies, supermarkets, banks and other institutions become unavailable. Medicine Computers have also been employed in medicine to facilitate carrying out different tasks. For instance, programmers have designed special applications that are applied in medicine to perform diagnosis. Special computerized equipments have been made to enable automatic detection of dysfunctional tissues in the body without having to subject the patient under theater operations. An example is the computerized X-ray machine that identifies the malfunctioned tissue under the skin, the extent of damage of the tissues, the risk that tissue poses in the health of patient and thereafter makes recommendations of possible treatment or medication. In addition to diagnosis, computers have also been used in optical clinics to examine eye problems in patients. Adequate information if fed to databases kept by the opticians, which enables the computers to make appropriate decisions according to the results of examination, and consequently recommend aid spectacles or treatment when necessary. Most of the tasks that were initially performed by the opticians have been delegated to computers (Cimino Shortliffe 2006). In collaboration with the information technology, doctors have set up online clinics where patients are able to contact them and receive diagnosis or prescription. The patient is relieved the burden of travelling and incurring unnecessary expenses. In this field, the patients provide information about their wellbeing to the doctor, which the doctor uses to diagnose the illness. He or she then prescribes appropriate medicine for the patients, which can be obtained from the local pharmacies. Payments are made through money transfer services and therefore the doct or does not come into direct contact with the patients.Advertising Looking for critical writing on computer science? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Incorporation of computers in the medical field has brought both positive and negative effects with it. First, it produces accurate and unbiased information about the diagnosis. It is therefore more reliable and gives the best treatment prescription for the patient. Computers are also faster, and therefore, speeds up most of the operations thus increasing overall efficiency in service delivery. On the other hands, computers are subject to breakdowns and power interruptions. In case the machine fails or there is a power supply breakdown, patients are exposed to the risk of not being attended to. Lack of immediate attendance to patients can lead to severe complications or even death. Computerization of most of these processes in the field of medicine therefore can have an adverse effect in the heath wellbeing of the society at large (Rosenberg, 2004). Education Computers have also been intensively employed in education sector. Presentation applications such as Ms PowerPoint have bee n used by lectures to facilitate learning through prepared slides. This is a more efficient way of sharing limited resources with the learners and allows for use of audio-visual aids. Computers provide connection to the internet. Researchers and other scholars are therefore able to access online information and hold online collaborative discussions. The internet provides a wider range of freely available and current books, journals and articles useful for conducting research. Recently, online learning portals have also been created which enables students to pursue their education without having to converge into a class. Reading materials are provided in these portals and therefore students can access and use them. Examinations and assignments are also submitted online, marked online and certificates awarded online. In addition, teleconferencing has enabled learners to directly interact with their lecturers. Coordinated discussions, presentations and questions are also processed real time (Kizza, 2011). Learners have been able to access and use softcopy notes from lectures, books and other reference materials to facilitate learning. Students have shifted from use of physical exercise books, and are rather typing their notes in computer Word Processors for future reference. Recorded lecture films are also available and accessible to learners in the Internet. Just like in the case of medicine, use of computers in education has its benefits as well as threats. The machines are subject to breakdowns and also require power. Unexpected breakdowns can therefore interrupt the learning process. In case an examination was being taken, power failures can lead to leakages due to extension of the examination period. Availability of study materials in the Internet also encourages learners to become lazy since they are able to copy-paste other peoples’ work rather than doing their own researches. The students end up becoming lazy since they can simply copy-paste other researchers’ published works and present them as theirs’. (HernaÃŒ ndez Goodson, 2004). In modern days, these new methods of providing education are replacing the traditional classrooms, and they will soon be facing them out. The modern generations are turning more into computer based learning, which implies a further dependency on computers. Administration Computers have also been widely used in administration. In developed countries, electronic voting systems have been introduced. Voters are provided with electronic voting cards bearing voter’s details. The casted votes are centrally managed from database, and tallying, analysis and presentation of election results is computerized (HernaÃŒ ndez Goodson, 2004). The electronic voting process relies on computers, and so does the voters. Conclusion Computers have played a very integral part and have therefore become indispensible tools in the modern world. They are essential in performing nearly all operatio ns: banking, communication, education, medicine, administration etcetera. Dependency on computers is therefore inevitable, if a person has to accomplish any task. Whether a person uses the computer to provide a service, or depends on a service provided with the aid of a computer, the fact is, we all depend on computers. Despite the fact that computers can not be entirely relied on due to their occasional breakdown and dependency on power, they have become quite essential in delivery of quality services, which are necessary to our lives (Kizza, 2011). References Cimino, J. J., Shortliffe, E. H. (2006). Biomedical informatics: Computer applications in health care and biomedicine. New York, NY: Springer. HernaÃŒ ndez, F., Goodson, I. (2004). Social geographies of educational change. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Kizza, J. M. (2011). Computer network security and cyber ethics. Jefferson, N.C: McFarland. Rosenberg, R. S. (2004). The social impact of computers. Boston: Academi c Press. This critical writing on People are too dependent on computers was written and submitted by user Liana G. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here. People Are Too Dependent on Computers Computers are an essential part of everyday life. They are useful in carrying out various tasks and jobs and have infiltrated almost every aspect of people’s lives. When computers were invented, a little over half a century ago, they were a technological innovation mainly for industrial use. Computers were primarily used for scientific purposes (Ifrah, 2001).Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on People Are Too Dependent on Computers specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, over the years, new ways of using the computer have seen the computer rapidly evolving into a household item. Some of these technological advancements mainly include the multimedia applications such as the internet into the computer. Currently, there is hardly any task that can be accomplished without employing the services of a computer. These range from carrying out the smallest office task, to communicating with friends and fam ily. This paper outlines why people are too dependent on computers and why this could be problematic. First of all, computers are useful because they have revolutionized tasks that would otherwise have been thought to be impossible. For instance, the internet has made instant communication between two people on different sides of the globe possible. The fact that one can actually chat via video with a person thousands of miles away is a convenience that would not be possible without computers. This has made it easier to pass urgent and important messages that have actually been able to alleviate disasters and save lives. For example, the use of the internet to announce terror alerts or pandemic breakouts is much more efficient than the traditional use of news stations and leaflets. Over 80% of the adult American population can comfortably use and navigate their way through the world wide web, even though most do not know how to use the rest of the computer applications (Ifrah, 2001) . Secondly, computers have contributed greatly to the development of the global economy. Through the development of computer applications and programs, business transactions have been made much faster and more convenient. For example, the field of accounting has been revolutionized by the development of accounting programs which solve, in a few seconds, problems that would have taken several people many days to accomplish. Computers have also minimized the chances of human error in important financial calculations and decisions (Dijk, 2005). Common tasks such as shopping for items have also been made easier through online shops whereby one is able to save on time that would have been spent in traffic or queuing at a mall. Computer programs used in industrial applications such as Engineering have also ensured increased safety in constructed buildings and the speed with which objects are designed and manufactured (Dijk, 2005).Advertising Looking for critical writing on rhetoric? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The aforementioned two categories of computer uses are just a tip of the iceberg. One thing which is common in computer use is that computers have increased efficiency and minimized the time spent on tasks. However, the problem begins with how the relieved time is used. Originally, computers were meant to reduce the number of working hours spent at the office. This was envisioned to lead to an increase in the time that people spent with friends and family. However, the opposite case is what has happened. When people realized that they could accomplish much more with computers, they ended up using the extra time to accomplish extra tasks. In the end, computers have destroyed the friendships, families and the very relationships that it was thought to be helping. The following few paragraphs show how the advantages mentioned above have contributed to increased over-dependence on computers. First of all, by increasing the efficiency of many normal tasks, computers have promoted laziness. This is clearly evident in the educational system. Students can now access all the information they need for their assignments by typing the questions in the search engines. They no longer have to read through the volumes of books recommended in the classroom. This phenomenon eventually leads to overdependence on computers for any subsequent assignments (Bonfadelli, 2002). This is because the students had not read any book and have to keep returning to the internet for answers. Furthermore, the overdependence on computers has reduced the cognitive abilities of many students (Bonfadelli, 2002). The students know that they do not have to memorize or retain whatever they learn in the classroom since it is available on the internet. Such dependency can only lead to more dependency. Secondly, the computers were initially meant to reduce the burden of work that a single employee can do. This ended up cre ating more free time. However, people realized that additional tasks could be carried out in this free time, and that these tasks could actually be carried out using the same computer. Therefore, computers and the various software facilitated multi-tasking and ended up increasing the amount of time a person spends in front of a computer screen. The fact that a student can accomplish his assignments while listening to music using the same computer has increased overdependence on the machine.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on People Are Too Dependent on Computers specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Furthermore, the fact that an employee is able to accomplish another non-work related task using the same computer has also resulted in increased time spent before a computer screen (Dijk, 2005). The effects of computers on its users have thus ended up exhibiting a domino behavior. Finally, the internet’s l atest innovation is the social networking functionality. Invented at the close of 20th Century, social networking sites where people could interact with friends have increased dependency on computers. This is because using websites such as, people with poor social skills can now meet new friends in the online world and even prospective dating partners (Kelsey, 2010). Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have conveniently removed the need for people to meet in person in order to have a conversation. This has increased laziness and eventual social incompetence. The new generations of children who are growing up in the social networking age do not know alternative ways of interacting with people (Kelsey, 2010). This means that their dependency on computers will end up being even more than that of the pioneer social network users. In conclusion, it is obvious from the above analysis that people are too dependent on computers. This dependence is actually increasing as more new ways of using the computer are being invented. However, there are also dangers associated with this overdependence on computers. Cases of online fraud and cyber-bullying are on the rise. The overdependence on computers is a call for alarm because it is slowly evolving people into a society that cannot effectively function without the machine. It is therefore essential that people re-examine their lives and just how much of it is spent on the computer. If this overdependence is not checked, more problems will continue to plague the society, and yet they could have been easily avoided through simple self-reflection. References Bonfadelli, H. (2002). The Internet and knowledge gaps: a theoretical and empirical investigation. European Journal of Communication 17, 65–84. Dijk, J. (2005). The network society: Social aspects of the new media. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage PublishersAdvertising Looking for critical writing on rhetoric? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Ifrah, G. (2001). The universal history of computing: From the abacus to the quantum computer. New York: John Wiley Sons Kelsey, T. (2010). Social networking spaces: From Facebook to Twitter and everything in between. 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